Pandemic Measures for COVID-19

Pandemic measures on conference

Although the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has begun to decline, the disease has not been completely defeated, new strains of it are emerging.

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, in accordance with the decrees of the Moscow government, precautions are taken at the conference. Please read the following rules carefully.

For citizens of the Russian Federation:


Mandatory wearing of masks in Moscow canceled

You may not use a protective mask in public places. In addition, anti-COVID measures at enterprises have been canceled: regular measurement of the body temperature of employees, installation of separating partitions at workplaces and other measures that were previously established by decree of the Mayor of Moscow.


Stay home if you feel sick

At an early stage, a coronavirus infection can be confused with SARS or seasonal allergies. Even minor symptoms – cough, runny nose, fever – can be a sign of it. Stay at home and call a doctor from the clinic or call 103. All conference reports are available online.


Show respect for other attendees

Like other respiratory viruses, the coronavirus is spread through droplets that form when an infected person coughs or sneezes. People become infected when they touch their mouth, nose, or eyes with contaminated hands.
Try to refrain from tactile contact with other conference participants and avoid large crowds, and use a mask if you experience discomfort.

Take care of your health and the health of the conference participants!

For more information on obtaining a QR code, you can refer to the Information Site of the Moscow Government.