Pandemic Measures for COVID-19

Pandemic measures on conference

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, in accordance with the decrees of the Moscow government, precautions are taken at the conference. Please read the following rules carefully.

To attend the conference, you need to present the QR code at the registration desk. This page provides information on where to get it.

For citizens of the Russian Federation:


Vaccination QR-code

A QR code confirming vaccination with drugs approved in Russia (for example, Sputnik-V) can be found in your personal account on Gosuslugi website.


Recovery QR-code

The QR code confirming the transferred disease must also be in your personal account on the Gosuslugi website, if you have officially registered the fact of the disease. If for some reason the QR code is not available in your personal account, you can request it.


PCR QR-code

A QR code based on a PCR test, which must be submitted no earlier than 72 hours in advance at one of the authorized laboratories. The list of laboratories can be found here (https://mosgorzdrav.ru/covid-test) under the “Open list” button.
When registering the test, you must check the box “Upload the result to the Gosuslugi”. Then your result will appear in your personal account along with a QR code.
If the PCR was handed over to an authorized laboratory, but the QR code itself has not appeared anywhere, you can download it on this page. (https://immune.mos.ru/)


A QR code from a paper certificate will not work, it must be digital and government issued.

For foreign citizens:


QR code in the COVID-19 Free Travel app

The application can only be used by foreign citizens, stateless persons, as well as citizens of the Republic of Belarus entering the Russian Federation from the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan via air checkpoints.


PCR QR-code

The test must be no more than 72 hours old and must be done in one of the clinics authorized by EMIAS. Valid PCR test can be uploaded to immune.mos.ru

For more information on obtaining a QR code, you can refer to the Information Site of the Moscow Government.